What You Need to Do:

- Please bathe your newborn about two hours before your session.  This will wake them up and get them nice and clean.  If they have flaky skin, feel free to apply lotion after the bath.

- Baby will need to be kept awake and unfed for the 2 hours prior to your session start time.  Just before you leave, you can give baby a full feeding in the comfort of your home, where both mom and baby are relaxed.  Once feeding is finished, it is best to put baby in as little clothing as possible, blankets and car seat covers will keep baby warm (of course depending on weather).  With a full tummy and little clothing, this allows me to start the session as soon as you arrive. 

-Please bring a soother for comforting baby between poses and set ups.  Even if you are not using one, it is strongly suggested to bring one and will not cause nipple confusion for the short time use.

-The studio will be quite warm!  Your little one will be naked the majority of the session, so to keep baby's warm, the studio will be a toasty 80 degrees.  Please dress lightly or in layers.

- Newborn sessions typically take 2 to 3 hours to complete, with soothing, feeding, posing and changing props.  Feel free to bring some snacks for yourself, and be sure to bring a bottle of water.  A couch is available for your relaxation and comfort during the photo session, great time to take advantage of a nap!
-If you purchased a full newborn session inclusive of family photos, this will happen first if siblings are involved, or last if it is just parents and baby.  Please have dad wear a plain white or black t-shirt (dad's are welcome to go shirtless if that's what you'd prefer) and mom wear a plain black or white t-shirt or tank top.  For siblings: please have boys wear a white t-shirt and jeans and girls wear a white dress with no embellishments or colors/prints or a white tshirt and jeans.

You are all set!  I do have plenty of space for relaxing, changing, newborn diapers, wipes, brand new soothers, wash room, and couch at my studio.  I want you to feel comfortable and enjoy your session with me.  It is also recommended to bring a change of clothes as your little one will be naked.  When baby is held by mom or dad, I keep a blanket around them to hopefully catch any mess.  Accidents do happen and it is quite possible someone or something will get peed or pooped on.  This is quite common so don't be alarmed if by the end of the session I have a laundry pile of props.

I look forward to meeting your sweet bundle of joy!

NEWBORN PACKAGE: $150 - (Package good for newborns up to 14 days old).  Let's just face it, newborns are a beautiful, precious gift from above, but they are work, and that stands true in the photography studio as well as a home.  Yes, they sleep majority of the time, but most of them don't like to be bothered during nap time.  Shooting newborns requires lots of bustling around, getting them in just the right position, changing setups and outfits, cleaning up after accidents (and there will be accidents!), extra feedings, patting, rocking, etc.  What it boils down to is TIME.  Please be prepared to stay at least 2-3 hours (or more depending on baby).  Although I have several different drops, props, hats, etc, please feel free to bring special things you would like to incorporate into your session.  Your package includes 12 edited digital images.  Additional images and prints also available.   Digital Download link is provided.  Add other family members into the session for $25 extra.

Newborn Sessions