- Professional quality individual desk prints and print enlargements available and highly encouraged! Please take pride in your wedding photos enough to have them printed professionally through us.  There is a major difference in the quality between consumer and professional labs.  Why would you pay a professional for wonderful images only to print them in a non-professional lab?  Prices are very affordable and can be found above.
If you choose to self-print, please see terms and conditions shown below. 

Please inquire if interested in purchasing specialty items such as Standout Prints, Canvas Gallery Wraps, Image Blocks, Collages,
Brag Books, Accordions, Albums, etc....

Please allow 2-8 weeks for the processing of your proofs to be completed and your gallery to be uploaded. 

Homespun Memories reserves the right to changes prices without notice and to refuse service to anyone,



if you have been sent a link to an online gallery, there is an option to create a "Favorites" album, and a shopping cart right in the gallery.  If you are purchasing digital files, you will be able to download them immediately upon checking out. 

Watermarks will not print on images, or be on digital files.  There are different tabs in the shopping cart, so be sure and look at all of them.  Should be a tab for Prints, Canvases, Digitals, and Products. Your order will go directly to our professional photo lab for printing, and usually ships from them within 2-3 days of placing your order.  Your order will ship directly to you, please do not use a PO Box in your address, the lab doesn’t like that for some reason. 



A fun, convenient way to show multiple images from your gallery.  These books are great for proofing, helping you decide on an enlargement order, or just to throw in your handbag for easy access and bragging.  Please note, these little books are not elegant or "fancy" so to speak, but are nice and worth the price. Most clients love these for their babies and/or senior shoots but they work great for any session.

$50     20  4x6 bordered images spiral bound with frosted cover


Standard Desk Prints:  (regular standard size desk size framing)                                 

5x7 - $10
8x10 - $12  
11x14 - $16
16x20 - $28   
20x39 - $40       
set of 8 wallets - $10   


Also available:
Canvas Wraps
Metal Prints
Custom USB's


Specialty Items: 

Birth Announcements
Save the Date Cards
Graduation Announcements
Christmas Cards
Yearbook Ads
Lay Flat Books - Inquire (can do Seniors, Babies, 1st birthday, Engagement, Family, etc.....) 
Image Boxes
Digital:  Custom Facebook Timeline Covers

Please inquire about pricing.  Please expect a $20 (one time) design fee for any special design or creation that would take me longer than normal processing to create. 

A few things to keep in mind about your digital files:

Printing: You will need to have the print release card from us in order to print your photographs at consumer/retail locations, such as Sams/Walgreens/Target/Walmart, etc.  Your print release gives you permission to print and use these images for personal use only.  They are not to be resold or used for any commercial purposes.  

There are a wide variety of options for printing your files, please keep in mind that Homespun Memories Photography cannot be responsible for the print quality of images that are ordered from consumer/retail labs (such as Sams, Walgreens,Target, Walmart, etc.). We do not recommend using these locations for your prints. If you do choose to print from any of these labs make sure that you ask for them to turn off any color corrections/enhancements they may make automatically. 

Although your images are high resolution, I highly recommend you order your prints directly from Homespun Memories Photography. 

Our professional lab and I can offer you a great assortment of large wall prints and products at reasonable prices.  Our photos are calibrated specifically with the pro lab resulting in your image being spot on in color and quality.  We also custom crop every individual print order to fit the specifications of the lab and use the highest resolution resulting in NO pixilation, a clear focus, and a beautiful product. Homespun Memories just simply can NOT guarantee skin colors, paper types or overall quality resulting from printing with a lab with which I am not calibrated with.  It is strictly "print at your own risk".

Backing up your files: If you received your files via SD/USB/DVD: Please keep in mind that USBs/DVDs are not an archival medium. I recommend saving a copy of your images onto a personal computer, or external backup device. It is possible that your USB/DVD will be unreadable in the next 5-10 years and the images lost. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions on how to back up a copy of your images.  I save a hard copy on external devices here in my office for an extended period of time, but may have to perform some occasional "housekeeping" if I should run low on space. There will be an additional fee for any reloading of old, expired galleries and possibly new downloads, if they are still available. 

Copyright Law: The copyright of these images remain exclusively with Homespun Memories Photography. Federal Copyright laws state that it is illegal to copy, scan, edit or share photographic prints or digital copies without express permission from the photographer. Violators of this Federal Law will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties. 

For more information on photographic copyrights, please visit www.ppa.com

Social Media Usage: You may post your purchased photos to social media sites, but I would very much appreciate credit given to the photographer somewhere on the album title or specific image when posted. This helps build my reputation and business.  There is nothing better than "seeing" before you hire and social media plays a HUGE part in the amount of business I receive.  Please do not use any filters (Instagram) or re-edit the photos yourself. If posting to Instagram, I would recommend using an app such as “Afterlight” to add a border to your image to avoid cropping it into a square.  If I see one of my photos on social media that has been edited, I will ask you to take it down.  It is very important that my images retain the look of my editing style.

*A lot of time and love has been put into editing each and every image presented to you.  Thank you for respecting all of my hard work in bringing these photos to you.

Thank you again for choosing Homespun Memories Photography and I look forward to working with you again in the future!